2015-2016 Fellowships - applications open till 5th Sept 2015
The 21st Century Learning Alliance announces 2015/16 Fellowship programme for small research projects! Applications now open - closing date, 5th Sept 2015.
Inspired by 18th Century Lunar Men
Jim Wynn explains in his article for SecEd how the 18th century story of the lunar men acted as inspiration for an exciting new education charity that aims to drive change and transformation
We must teach our children the rules of the game
Alliance member Professor Mick Waters considers the merits of these claim in his new SecEd article We must teacher our children the rules of the game
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Fifth Thinking Aloud dinner features Sir David Bell

At the fifth 21CLA ‘Thinking Aloud’ dinner on Thursday 20th March 2014, Sir David Bell KCB, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Reading, spoke on the consortium report, ‘Making Education Work.’

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14th Jul 2014 1:14 pm

What Is Your Beef?

In his latest Alliance article for SecEd Mick Waters looks at the surprising similarities between the horse meat uproar and our inspection and examination system – Je ne sais quoi! -click to read What’s your beef?

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2nd Mar 2013 2:33 pm

Prof Chris Husbands speaks at fourth Thinking Aloud dinner

At the fourth ‘Thinking Aloud’ dinner, 25th July 2013, the guest speaker was Professor Chris Husbands, Director of the Institute of Education, London.

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30th Jul 2013 1:40 pm

Lordswood Fellowship Report

Lordswood School was awarded an Alliance Fellowship for research into a combined cadet force (CCF), normally the provine of independent schools. Click Lordswood Fellowship Report

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9th Nov 2012 1:32 pm

Lord Puttnam's Speech at Second Alliance Dinner

Lord David Puttnam was the Speaker at the second 21st Century Learning Alliance ‘Thinking Aloud’ dinner held on 19th March, 2012.

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20th Mar 2012 3:09 pm